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Why Won’t My Cadillac Windows Roll Up or Down?

Power windows alleviate the need to wear out your arms using a manual lever to open and close the windows when inside of your vehicle. However, since they operate using an electrical power source, problems can and will occur with the windows, especially as they age and begin to endure some wear and tear. Luckily, finding cadillac window motors spartanburg sc is easy if you need a replacement but before you take this drastic step, learn more about some of the most common reasons why the window may not roll up or down and if repair is possible.

Electrical Issues

When more than one of the power windows in your Cadillac fails completely and there isn’t a blown fuse, electrical issues are oftentimes to blame. It could be something minor like a faulty switch or something more complicated like broken or buried wires. For anyone with a bit of car knowledge, this could be an easy DIY repair.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is a common culprit of power window failure. The fuse is the link between the electrical system and the power window. When it blows or otherwise becomes damaged, the window fails to open due to the lack of electrical flow. If the fuse blows while the windows are rolled up, rolled down, or somewhere in the middle, this is the location they’ll stay until the fuse is replaced.

Regulator Problems

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The regulator is a very key component in a power window. It’s also a common cause of trouble for many drivers. It moves the window platform. When it fails, it is time to replace this, which can be a somewhat difficult job for anyone who lacks experience. Luckily, the job is fairly simple when you take the car into a professional.