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What is FASS?

Well, it’s certainly a fun word to say, and it’s actually not a thing at all, but an acronym. It’s a Fuel Air Separation System, and it works for trucks. Every liquid needs filtration once in a while, and a truck’s fuel reserve is no different. FASS is a system that provides clean fuel to ensure a better ride for your engine, better mileage on your truck, and a healthier experience overall.


The fass system works a lot like a water filter and is installed on your engine to keep things filtered. Contaminates like dirt, air, and water can get into your engine through everyday use and driving, and when all that stuff is filtered back and forth it puts pressure on the engine. That can lead to performance issues and engine failure over time.

FASS is installed in the truck and works to take the unfiltered fuel and clean it up. First, water is removed from the fuel in the first tank, and then the fuel is moved up and pressurized, allowing for the dirt and other debris to be removed when the fuel goes into a second tank. Then the clean fuel is sent back into the engine and used by the truck.

Basically, think of FASS like a water filter for your truck. You wouldn’t drink dirty water without cleaning it first, and you shouldn’t put dirty fuel in your truck, otherwise, both our vehicles and bodies would fail to work at their max potential and could even start to fall apart or even become inoperable.

With only rich filtered fuel moving through your truck, your internal components will resist damage and your truck will certainly run and perform better. In the world of truck driving and hauling, that’s the best benefit of all.

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